Photo 2014-06-24 00 36 29This is a phrase commonly used at gay dating websites and it translates into this: “I am a jock and I want to date other jocks.” or “I want a date but I am too cool to date so lets go on a non-date workout session and see where it takes us.”

I have been on a couple of dates with guys I have met at the gym, despite that quite a few guys at RealJock claims that you do not eat where you shit. But dating a guy who you have met on the gym is not the same thing as going on a date at the gym. That is something I would never do. Why? Because it is false advertisement: I am not a gym guy. I am a guy who goes to the gym; my gym app tells me that I have been going to they gym four times per week this past year. I do not go to art galleries or contemporary dance performances four times per week, yet, that defines me more.

Also, you can always tell when two gays are at the gym together, not as friends or boyfriends, but as people on their first or second date. The awkwardness, the extra butchness. The peacocking. And the silences.


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