Yes, yes, I know. Sex sells. Sex sells clothes, ice cream, cars and everything in between and it has been so for decades. There was a time when I got really upset with the commercial sexualization of the public space, I wanted to tear every billboard down and burn it. Now I am bored, both with the message provided by the company as well most counter methods to fight the power of the companies. But yes, these companies are on my blacklist, the ones I try to avoid together with companies who are doing terrible things to the environment or which uses sweatshop labor like most sports brands and no-brand clothing.

My first encounter with Men’s Health was via Gym Buddy J, he used to come up to me with the latest issue in which he had discovered the ultimate program for arms/legs/whatever and it was always designed by fierce Russian scientists or other authorites. And they always guaranteed instant result. I never purchased the magazine but I started to follow it on their Facebook page.

These five images were the last to be published on Men’s Health Facebook page. One about getting smarter, three about sex and one about how to get a leaner body (which is about vanity, naturally). Two examplea: “Rules for stronger erections.” and “5 oral sex moved you’ve never tried.” Really? Scrolling down I realize that it was not a coincidence, “Percentage of men who have porn on their smart phones.”, “10 things you don’t want to happen to your penis.” and “Sex positions from all over the world.” REALLY?

I must confess that I have not read all of these sex tips, maybe I should… before making any assumption on the quality of them. Are they actual good sex education features about better sex for involved, promotion of sexual health and safer sex? Or just your generic The Game typ of misogynic “I-am-going-to-make-you-feel-so-insecure-that-you-will-be-fucked-by-me-because-you-hate-yourslef-and-think-you-are-worthless”? I will get back to you all later on this.