Yes, I might have dissed the concept of gym dating in the recent… past, but I do not mind guys flirting with me at the gym, at all. Actually, I encourage it. It does not have to be advanced; a smile or a “hi” is quite enough. If you are a dare devil, go up to me and ask me something. Just be charming and polite and we might go for a “fika” afterwards.

However, there are ways NOT to flirt with me and let me tell you why.

1. Looking deep into my eyes, turning your ass against me and then do a deep deadliest showing of your… assets is just too explicit and cheesy. No, just… no.

2. Do not spontaneously lift up your t-shirt to wipe your forehead, but really to show off your six-pack. It is just too narcissistic.

3. Do not put on a cock ring while talking to me after taking a shower. Remember, the rule is always: kiss first, cockring later.