The guy looked puzzled. I was not sure how long he had been standing there looking down at the bench next to his locker, next to mine. He invited me to share his view and there it was, a stained tie, a fourth of a tie actually; mutilated. Someone had cut it off and was now wearing the rest around his neck. The cute straight guy turned to me and smiled.

Cute straight guy: There are so many questions… 

Me: I agree! 

Cute straight guy: Where does the stain come from? Why did he cut it off? Who is he?

Me: A true mystery. 

Cute straight guy: I usually do not work out at this branch. Is it always this… strange. 

Me: No, this is actually a pretty laid back gym.

Cute straight guy: I see. I might return. Take care.

Me: You too!

This is a post about a mutilated tie. But it can also be read as a manual on how to flirt we me. Find a silly reason to talk to me, smile and take it from there. Just saying.

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