A: I really like Anna, but she is seems bonkers. She is showing off new boyfriends on Facebook every three months and apparently it’s always ends bad, constant dramatic break-ups.

B: I know, I ran into her recently but I couldn’t keep up with all the updates.

A: I don’t care that she is dating lots of guys, well, I do, since I want to date her. I think she is nice, a bit crazy, but nice. You don’t know her, do you?

He smiled and I shook my head.

A: We are thinking about stretching now, stretching is a good thing to do in the sauna. You don’t mind, do you?

I shook my head again. They started to stretch with towels around their waists. After a few minutes of random stretching he said:

A: I am Ali, and my friend here is Rickard. What’s your name?

I stated my name and shortly afterwards, they left the sauna. Names are rarely used at the gym. I have been on speaking terms with guys for years without the usual handshake and exchanging of names and now we were introduced after less than five minutes, most of which I did not interact with them.

I passed Ali ten minutes later by the reception, he stated my name and wished me a great night. He passed me three days later while I was having an espresso alone in the sun and, without thinking, he stated my name once again and asked me how I was.

I told a friend and she said that this was a thing sales people do, it is part of how they work and sometimes it spills over into their private lives. I am really bad with names, it is almost a miracle I remember Ali’s and Rickard’s. It is like I do not listen to what people say, I guess I am busy reading body language, analyzing the handshake or something. But from now on, I shall remember peoples names.