I have a friend, she is adorable and intelligent. She is hot and social. She is slutty in just the right way, and after speaking to her the other day, she is also Kramer. One could say that she is a multi-tasker but I choose to just state that she IS Kramer.

Eating shortly after a gym session is crucial for your muscles to develop, that is why I take protein shake straight after a gym session, it means that I do not have to rush home to eat sloppy take-away. I usually drink the shake in the shower or in the sauna which is a bit awkward to me since I never eat or drink anything else naked. Breakfast in bed? Hell no.

While Kramer installed and used a garbage disposal in the shower in one episode of Seinfeld and was also seen washing his vegetables while taking a shower, my friend, apparently, ate a chocolate enhanced coconut macaroon in the shower to make sure that the effort she made in the gym was not in vain. Oh, how I wish I could post a picture of this… almost perverted behavior on Stockholm Gym Syndrome but… I will ask her for pictures but I doubt she will respond to my humble request.