I rarely do classes anymore, all the good classes has got a waiting list and I just can not be bothered. A while ago, I overheard some people talking about a BodyPump class which had an epic waiting list. I figured that this instructor must be amazing and I decided to go.

On my arrival I noticed that most of the girls were standing outside the class putting on make-up. And giggled more than usual. Oh…? OH! was my reaction when I realized that the reason the classed was so popular was that the guy giving the class was an Adonis.

And he truly was an Adonis with classic proportions and a friendly boy-next-door smile. He was also beyond gay. I did not recognize him from the community but there was one thing which gave him away. He curtseyed when he accepted the class tickets. And that is not something straight men do. I looked at the girls with throbbing hearts or clits and said to myself: Do not bother, he is a friend of Judy’s, he is family. My family.