Back in the 1980s there were these crappy C64 games called Sex Games. I never had it but my friend M did and we used to play it from time to time in his room.


You were supposed to rhythmically move the joystick from left to right simulating sex and increase the speed until you archived orgasm thereby get points. I think. I do not remember much from the actual game, what I do remember is my crush on my friend and how I wished it was us doing it.

Rinse and repeat is a new game that is pretty much the same… but kinda gay in a gym setting. And slightly better grahics. So, a hot guy walks in and it is your job to lather him up until he gets all horny. Perfect if you wanna practice before trying out the real deal.

Pay whatever you feel like for the game, or just watch the video below.

Thanks Alex for the tips. I knew I could count on you.