In the great tradition of fellow homosexualists like Stephen Splender and W.H. Auden, I have decided to spend some time in Berlin. Earlier this week I arrived to my flat by Kleistpark in Schönenberg, close to where both David Bowie and Christoher Isherwood lived. The mainstream gay life of Schönenberg feels very distant in Kleistpark, in my block there are several bookstores with an intellectual profile, an organic food store and the Heinrich-von-Kleist-Park.

I stay in a small flat facing a small courtyard with concrete and brick buildings. No sunlight ever reaches the large windows making the flat dark despite white walls and high ceilings. Decorative stucco and heavy wooden floors makes up for it a little bit but I have chosen to use the kitchen table as a writing desk rather than the small writing desk in the darkest corer of the flat. I have lived in Sweden this entire winter, spend most of my hours in a classroom without windows; I am absolutely desperate for some sunlight.

The Apollo Gym is located near the flat, however, the greenish flourescent lighs made everyone inside look sick freaked me out so I decided to sign up at McFit instead. So temporarily this blog is now called BERLIN GYM SYNDROME.