I a previous post I wrote about absolutely necessary frases that I needed to learn to keep sane at the gym. And it did not take me long until I got all the translation help I needed from a person who speaks fluently gay, besides German and English. Here we go:

Bitch, do not interrupt me in the middle of a set. Rude.
Ey du Spast, unterbrich mich nicht mitten in meinem Satz! Rude.

No, I am obviously using these dumbbells.
Nein, offensichtlich benutze ich diese Dumbbells wirklich…

I agree. What kind of schmuck name is “McFit” anyway?
Das stimmt. Was ist ”McFit” eigentlich für ein beschissener Name?

Keep your fucking voice down, this is not the hair saloon.
Halt verdammt nochmal die Fresse, wir sind hier nicht beim Friseur!

Hey, that scruffy chin matches with your furry chest.
Hallo. Dein Grübchen am Kinn passt sehr gut zu deiner behaarten Brust.

Yeah, I would love to have a coffee with you. When?
Ja, gerne können wir uns auf einen Kaffee treffen. Wann denn?

My marvelous translater adds: “OBS! Germans are way more direct than Swedes. If a German asks for a coffee, they really just mean having a coffee… If a German wants some nookie, he is most likely gonna ask for it straight away: Entschuldigung… Ficken? (Excuse me… fuck?)”

Now I am all set for the gym. Thank you, Mr Translator.