I have really choosen a shit gym. But for 20 euros per month, shit is ok. Or is it? It does not have a sauna, which is odd for a Swede. And boring, but I guess in a gym culture where people do not even take a shower after gym, who would relax in the sauna afterwards? But at a gym where your protein drink is being picked up and delivered by a robotic arm, which by the way looks like a 90s sci-fi movie, one would expect the basics; a shower head. Not getting head in the shower. An actual shower head.

At both the McFits I have been to there were basically one thick stream of water hitting you in the head. And every two minutes, the water stops and you have to get out of the shower and press one of the three buttons on the wall. Three buttons. Three showers. Really? The first time the water stopped I had to ask for help since my body was covered in shower gel and I did not look forward to just drying it off with a towel. Thank Mae I could ask the cute and kinda inbred looking guy in the shower next to mine to help me out.