As I pointed out in a previous post, Berlin gym goers are not really into hygiene; the three showered catering for the entire male audience of McFit by KaDeWe are rarely used. The hygiene ritual for most men at the gym consists of two key procedures. First, drying off the sweat with the same towel they used to clean the machines with. Second, spray-on deo.

Yes, spray-on deo is big in Germany. Cheap, spray-on deo. This is problematic since the spray is so powerful that everyone within three meters will be get so much deo on their bodies or clothes that you can smell it for six hours. Remember that Lynx commercial from the 80s? Yes. Like that.


And then we have the smell. It is somewhere between 80s eau de cologne Van Gils and some cleaning stuff used in the bathrooms at California Fitness in Thailand which I visited and wrote about a few years back.

Twice, so far, have I gone straight home and taken a second shower after a gym session. I need coping strategies. Fast.

PS: Watch the Lynx commercial here: