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I have really choosen a shit gym. But for 20 euros per month, shit is ok. Or is it? It does not have a sauna, which is odd for a Swede. And boring, but I guess in a gym culture where people do not even take a shower after gym, who would relax in the sauna afterwards? But at a gym where your protein drink is being picked up and delivered by a robotic arm, which by the way looks like a 90s sci-fi movie, one would expect the basics; a shower head. Not getting head in the shower. An actual shower head.

At both the McFits I have been to there were basically one thick stream of water hitting you in the head. And every two minutes, the water stops and you have to get out of the shower and press one of the three buttons on the wall. Three buttons. Three showers. Really? The first time the water stopped I had to ask for help since my body was covered in shower gel and I did not look forward to just drying it off with a towel. Thank Mae I could ask the cute and kinda inbred looking guy in the shower next to mine to help me out.



I like showering after gym. I do it every time I have worked out. And I do it at the gym rather than at home; putting on a shirt on my body that I just sort of just dried with a towel is just not my thing. But apparently it is the Berlin way.

During my first week at McFit here in Berlin the showers were being repaired so I dried off and took a shower at home. But today the showers were working again and I was hoping to be able to write something juicy / humiliating but no. At a gym the size of four SATS Regeringsgatan it only has three showers and no sauna. So, were there a queue this crowded night? No. None. The Berlin way is apparently just to continue to dry off, put clothes on and leave into the night. That is just dirty. And not in a good way.

The nose can get used to the most fowl smell if you are exposed to it long enough. But a few breaths of fresh air and we are back to the initial reaction when re-introduced to the smell.

When you work out you sweat and even though it was late since your morning shower you usually do not smell that much. And if you smell a little it is probably not that bad, it sort of comes with the activity. Some might even think it is kinda sexy. I am very forgiving on this, new sweat does not bother me at all. One condition for this is naturally that your gym clothes are clean. For many of you out there, this is obvious. But to the guy who was doing flys next to me the other day, not that obvious. I am not kidding when I say that he made the entire room smell and I saw three people move away from him. It was not the first time he let his odor out at our gym. Last time I saw him I had just exited the shower when he came into the locker room, odor free. He opened his gym bag and I was sure that I saw flies coming out of there together with the most foul smell. My initial reaction was to go back to the shower and redo my routine. But I did not. So, he was odor free, opened his smelly bag and got re-introduced to the extreme odor, which he literary put on by re-using his clothes that later cleared an entire room. How is this possible? Do we not have laws against this?

I do not think he is a reader of Stockholm Gym Syndrome but here it goes:

The Stockholm Gym Syndrome guide to gym hygiene 

  • Use deodorant before (if necessary) and after workout. If your armpits smell really bad before the workout you might consider to wash them before  workout.
  • Use underwear and tops only once before you wash them. Odor free clothes do not work and are not friendly to the environment.
  • Let the shorts/pants/tights/towel dry after each workout and wash regularly.
  • Shower after each workout, at the gym or at home. One benefit of doing it at home is that you can do your intimate hygiene at the same time, something that is not suitable for public showers where there should be no crotch shaving, toe nail clipping or foot filing.

This is what I saw the other day, through the glass door of the sauna:

Guy in his mid-20s, he is with a friend. While he talked to his friend he kneeled down and directed the stream of water towards his own ass, to clean it. Thoroughly.

The pressure was not high enough to get the cleansing effect he was looking for so he stood up, put more water on, kneeled down and continued to clean his ass.

The water hit his ass so hard that it absolutely splashed down again, onto the floor and up against the generic white tiles on the wall. The water became ass water. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind hygiene. But this was over the top.

Anyway, he exited the shower room and I left the sauna and took a shower. Reaching for my towel, I realized that something was wrong. Very wrong. The lower part of my towel was completely soaked. With ass water. Obviously, I could not use it so I was forced to use the hair dryer. Since I am a friend of the environment, I did not throw the towel away. I did boil it the very same night though.