Nothing tells us more about who we want to be at the gym then the clothes that we wear. Most of the stuff that I wear is quite minimal, no prints, very basic, black, white or grey. The clothes are not torn nor are they used in other contexts before being shoved into the gym drawer. Except for the white Uniqlo t-shirts. It would be quite easy for me to do the hipster outfit, and for a while I probably did.

Doing it minimal style can be mistaked for not caring/performing masculinity. The baggy grey sweatpants combined with a worn and a bit torn simple t-shirt is kinda minimalistic too, but at the same time it is filled with connotations; Rocky Balboa, chav/scally gay porn… masculinity in short. Would I go for the grey sweatpants, I would try to do it Thom Browne/Central Park style. But can you do it without getting trapped in the masculinity trap?

Gym Buddy J is getting a new outfit, and he asked me to help him. I will get back on this topic…